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Intergenerational Faith Workshop


13 June 2018



Chartwell Cooperating Church



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It’s more than a fad! The renewed interest in intergenerational ministry is underpinned by a growing body of research that affirms intergenerational connections as key to sustainable, long-term faith formation and discipleship.


Join Scripture Union NZ and Beth Barnett for a workshop exploring the core biblical principles and the variety of practical skills for cultivating healthy intergenerational faith formation - in terms of mission and discipleship; worship and service;
individuals and communities.

Everyone has a role to play in growing healthy intergenerational communities - families, church leaders, pastors, every member of the community from oldest to youngest - so we encourage you to attend this workshop with others from your community, and take the conversation back to your local path together.




Beth Barnett has been a pioneer thinker, practitioner and resource writer, experimenting and exploring the dynamics of intergenerational faith formation in mainstream traditional, contemporary and fresh expressions communities for over two decades. She is passionate about the powerful intersection of Bible, mission and diverse community as good soil for gospel flourishing. Beth has been privileged to make many rookie errors and given grace to try again and learn together with others. She shares insights from these bold and broad experiences, as well as her grounding as a New Testament scholar. She is currently completing her doctoral thesis in New Testament Biblical Studies, considering and critiquing the idea of Spiritual Maturity in the writings of Paul.


Who is this for?

This for leaders and volunteers in every sphere of church ministry. The ideal would to be to get at least 5 people from your church along to this event.



Chartwell Cooperating Church
126 Comries Road
Hamilton 3210



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