Scripture Union NZ (SUNZ) is undertaking its major research project to learn more about Children's Ministry across New Zealand in 2018. This will be the

You may well have received this email and passed it on to the person responsible for Children's Ministry in your church, or have passed it on via your denominational contacts. Thank you for this. 

If you have not had the chance to complete this survey we would really appreciate you taking the time to do this. We need ONE reply per church. 



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By filling in this 25 minute survey you will be an important part of this project. You will receive a summary of the results, for FREE. 

The findings of this survey will be very significant in planning ahead for the future; for your church, your denomination and all of New Zealand.

Join this project, fill out this survey and you can have your say alongside over 2000 churches from all over New Zealand.


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Who is the researcher?

My name is Annette Osborne and I work in the Children and Families Ministry in Scripture Union New Zealand (SUNZ). SUNZ works alongside churches to support their work with children, families and youth. We provide churches with resources such as the type of insight this project will yield.

Annette Osborne

How do we ensure your confidentiality?

We take our participants’ confidentiality seriously. It is necessary to record your name and contact details so we can contact you to give you the summary of results. We will never give out your name or contact details. Only Annette Osborne and trusted research assistants working on this project will examine your answers to the survey.

We take our participants' confidentiality seriously

For questions regarding this project please contact

Annette Osborne
Children and Families Consultant
(09) 379 9363

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