Thriving faith! That is our vision for the children, young people and families of Aotearoa. We know that many churches are concerned about the faith of the next generation, and long to see their community thrive. 

Scripture Union New Zealand is offering to journey with your church over a year to address this challenge. We will facilitate a whole church consultation, and support you to develop a strategy for the future. Our desire is to see healthy churches, where people of all ages thrive in their faith! 



What does THRIVE involve? 

  1. Consultation: A SUNZ Consultant will meet with you to talk through your church situation and what you need. 

  2. Facilitation: We will host a whole church facilitation for your church. This facilitation addresses 8 key strategies that support lifelong discipleship. This is a 2 ½ hour facilitation, which could be run on an evening or a Sunday afternoon. It is interactive and will kick start your church conversation about growing disciples. 

  3. Develop a plan: We will help your church to develop a simple but effective plan for the next 12 months, that the whole church can be excited about! 

  4. Ongoing support: over the rest of the year we will support you as you put your plan into action. We will provide additional workshops, resources and guidance as required.


Click here for a downloadable PDF with additional information for your church

Get in touch with us to explore more about how THRIVE can help your church. 


Cost: We offer this consultation for free, but welcome a donation to cover costs. 

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