Leaders Code of Conduct
for Scripture Union in New Zealand

This code of conduct applies to all persons taking a leadership role in Scripture Union that involves providing pastoral care. The code is based on Scripture Union NZ’s values that all Scripture Union does is to be biblical, relational, collaborative, and relevant. As a Scripture Union leader you will:


1. Recognise that you owe a duty of care to the children and young people in your care and their parents and caregivers to ensure that you do not exploit or cause them harm in any way (including emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually or financially).


2. Treat all persons with whom you interact with compassion, respect, consideration and fairness.


3. Respect the dignity of all people regardless of age, race, religion, gender, political belief, disability or sexual orientation.


4. Strive to keep your private and public life above reproach including complying with all New Zealand law and Scripture Union policies.


5. Ensure that your language and behaviour is appropriate, polite and respectful.


6. Participate regularly in Christian community and fellowship and, where you have a teaching role in a Scripture Union activity, do not teach or promote any doctrine or practice which is inconsistent with the Scripture Union Statement of Faith.


7. Not be involved in a sexual relationship other than a relationship of marriage between a man and a woman.


8. Ensure that you do not bring (or be under the influence of) tobacco, alcohol, party pills or any other recreational drugs when on Scripture Union property or event venues.


9. Disclose to Scripture Union any physical, mental, emotional or medical condition you have which may impact on your ability or suitability to hold a leadership role within Scripture Union.


10. Prior to accepting any leadership role with Scripture Union, disclose (except to the extent not required by the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004) to Scripture Union any past criminal convictions that you have.


11. Disclose any pending criminal charges, or complaints made about your moral conduct whether made to any government agency, employer, institution or church.


12. Respect and comply with the reasonable instructions of Scripture Union staff (and any appointed leader of an activity) at all times whilst acting in a leadership role with Scripture Union.


13. Immediately advise a Scripture Union staff member if you or any other leader you are aware of breaches any part of this code of conduct.


This code applies to the full extent permitted under the laws of New Zealand.


If you are not comfortable with any part of this code, please speak to a Scripture Union staff member before committing to a leadership role.

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