About Us 

Scripture Union New Zealand is a Christian charity with many volunteers and 30 staff. We are an organisation with a strong history of running camps and programmes and training leaders. But more than that: we are a movement with a mandate from God.


 Our Vision Statement

We support churches to help children and young people discover Jesus and become life-long disciples who serve the world around them.


 Our Values

Our values reflect the values and heartbeat of the Movement. They come from our International Working Principles and reinforce our way of doing ministry. 



The Bible and God  

We, Pray, Depend on God and His Word, Engage the Bible in contextual and thoughtful ways that transform lives and Believe children and young people meet God as they interact with God’s Big Story




·  ADVOCATE for children, youth and families as a priority in the church and community.

·  VALIDATE the voices of children and young people

·  IMPLEMENT relational evangelism with integrity

·  PLAN for ongoing intentional discipling in faith communities

·  INCLUDE all children and young people

·  PROTECT the wellbeing of all children and young people as created in the image of God

·  INTEGRATE an holistic theology, based on genuine love and concern for justice, into all our ministries

·  SPEAK prophetically into the gaps in the outworking of the Great Commission

·  CHAMPION contemporary, creative, courageous and innovative methods

·  GO where the people are

·  HAVE fun!




·  CREATE opportunities for children and young people to lead and serve

·  INVEST in and mentor young leaders

·  VALUE volunteer leadership

·  PRIORITISE local leadership and sustainability

·  MODEL servant leadership as followers of Jesus

·  DEVELOP healthy teams




·  BENEFIT from our diversity

·  ENSURE integrity in all areas of operation and governance

·  ASPIRE to be a vibrant interdependent global community

·  PARTNER with others for the work of the Kingdom

·  BUILD connections with families and their communities

·  CELEBRATE the richness of being an interdenominational movement

·  WORK with the broad spectrum of churches and help them work together

·  EXPRESS our resource needs to the Christian community while fully reliant on God



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