Meet the Team


National Leadership Team

Hilary2 Richard2 Nigel2

 Hilary Hague 

Richard Apperley

 Nigel winder 

National Director

Deputy Director

Children & Families Consultant

Southern Region Director

 Neville2  Paul H2  Liz2

 Neville Bartley

 Paul Humphreys

 Liz Eichler

 Youth Ministry Leader 

 National Leadership Facilitator   

 Children & Families Ministry Leader




  Children and Families Consultants

Andrew3 Annette2 Andrea6

Andrew Ramsbottom

Annette Osborne

Andrea Lukin

Auckland Children & Families Consultant 

Auckland Children & Families Consultant 

Wellington Children & Families Consultant 


 Isla McDonald


 Children & Families Administrator





Youth Consultants

Andy3 Lizzie  Piper

 Andy Banks 

Lizzie Moore

 Piper Clare

 Northern Region Youth Consultant

 Otago/South Island Youth Consultant

 Youth Team Administrator





Camps Team

Natalie Jayden3 Donna

 Natalie Duchesne

 Jayden Meads

 Donna Beech

 North Island Camps Facilitator

  South Island Camps Facilitator

 Camps Administrator






 Support and Administration Team

Annamarie2 Glenis Meshach

 AnnaMarie Slessor

 Glenis Silby

 Meshach Singh 

 Resources Administrator & Comms Assistant

 Auckland Office Administrator

 Marketing Manager

Peilin Paul M3 Sylvia

 Peilin Cheng

 Paul Martell

 Sylvia Coulter

 Fundraising Coordinator

 Fundraising Assistant 

 Support Relations Facilitator

Janet Beth2 Geetanjali

 Janet Walbran

 Beth Coates

 Geetanjali Purwal

 Database Administrator

 Beyond Experience Administrator

 Assistant Accountant




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