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Karen Poy

Camps Adminisrator


As a long time SUNZ volunteer and previous staff member, it was an easy decision for me to rejoin SUNZ as the Invercargill-based Camps Administrator in 2018. My first experience of SUNZ was back in 1987 when I joined a children’s holiday programme team at Pounawea. That was such a positive experience I spent the next twelve summers volunteering on holidays programmes in a variety of different roles and I was an SUNZ Children and Families staff member in Southland/Otago in 2000.  Serving in these roles were some of the most faith-shaping moments in my life.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about SUNZ camps. 


Contact Karen:

03 214 1834 or 0204 1751 320 
Karen Poy
C/-Scripture Union NZ
PO Box 7

Invercargill 9840


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