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Paul Humphreys

South Island Camps Facilitator



Paul is relocating to New Zealand at the end of March 2017 to take up the South Island Camps Facilitator role. If you have any enquiries about camps before then please contact our North Island Camps Facilitator Steve Adams at 

Paul was born in Leeston on the Canterbury Plains. After secondary education in Auckland, he returned to the south for university at Lincoln. He was then Youth Pastor at Hornby Presbyterian before working at a Presbyterian summer camp in the USA, where he met his wife, Robin. Paul continued in camping ministry in the USA whilst Robin, who had been a Primary School teacher, qualified and worked as a Presbyterian Minister. Paul and Robin felt a strong call back to New Zealand just as SUNZ was looking for a new South Island Camps Facilitator!

Paul is an experienced outdoor leader who understands that God loves transforming the lives of young people as they adventure outdoors. In the outdoors life gets slowed down to a few important things — and suddenly we can listen better, hear God, and communicate with each other more. Camping allows us to “learn to talk the language of listening and then get good at it” — whether that listening is to God, His creation or each other.

To Paul camp ministry is one of the most fulfilling expressions of community. All who humbly, timidly, unknowingly even boldly respond are given a life-changing opportunity.


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