Richard Starling

Stay Real Coordinator, Christchurch


The young people I work with have difficult and complex problems. When they learn appropriate ways to manage their own anger and obtain help to address violence or other issues in their life, it benefits the whole community. 

In 1998 I started the Stay Real programme (originally Get Real) in Aranui High School to help at-risk children and young people learn how to take responsibility for their behaviour, build resiliency to work through any difficulties that they are facing, and develop skills to deal with life issues such as anger and conflict in non-violent ways. Stay Real has since spread to other high schools and intermediates. Since 2000, SUNZ has been working in partnership with the Crossroads Youth with a Future Trust to reach at-risk children & youth in East Christchurch through the Stay Real programme. 

The longitudinal nature of the programme, the continuity and availability of staff and time spent on outdoor activities allows time to build trust between group members and facilitators. The programme helps young people self-assess, set goals and work out strategies to deal with issues and thus enables them to help themselves and reduce the dependency cycle. I am looking forward to helping churches across New Zealand with simple resource ideas and tips on how to best work with an at-risk generation.

Please email me if you would like to receive my regular email Prayer Letter to keep up-to-date with my ministry. 


Contact Richard:

03 388 6967


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