Steve Adams

North Island Camps Facilitator and Waikato/Bay of Plenty Youth Consultant


Over 35 years of involvement with youth I’ve watched the changing trends and youth culture… and my passion has never changed for the youth of today. Developing leaders and getting alongside youth, hearing their struggles and heart have always been motivators for me. Working with youth demands lots of diversity and can be a real test of character for anyone. I have an appreciation of how hard it can be for the youth of today and those in youth ministry.

My role as National Youth Ministry Team Member in Waikato/BOP area is to assist our fantastic volunteer and staff members working in schools and camps - training, mentoring, equipping and encouraging. I also work with churches to promote the values of Scripture Union. As North Island Camps Facilitator I am responsible for SUNZ youth camping in the North Island, including activity-based outdoor camps, camps for boys without father-figures, and story telling camps and events.

I am a good Kiwi boy who loves the surrounds of our beautiful country My desire was always to serve God and I found this service in the area of youth ministry. I often have joked with friends that all the jobs I have had over the years have been to support my youth ministry which to me has been my calling.


Please email me if you would like to receive my regular email Prayer Letter to keep up-to-date with my ministry. 


Contact Steve:


027 480 4131


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