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It's Your Move

It's a big deal moving to high school. At 11 or 12, students are used to the secure environment of their school, where all their friends are close by. Now they are about to set foot into a much bigger, unfamiliar place where there are lots of teenage kids rushing about - small fish in a BIG pond springs to mind!". But it's not all bad you know. It's full of opportunities and adventures and Scripture Union's book It's Your Move! is there to reassure children embarking on the next part of their educational journey, reminding them that God is always with them. In the UK over 1 million students have benefited from the advice and guidance It's Your Move! contains, and through this brand new Kiwi version of the book, students across New Zealand can benefit from the same great advice. The book can be used alongside of a school presentation that explores their fears and worries about their move to high school and gives sound advice that will help them make good, wise choices as they enter their teenage years. It's Your Move! is a vital tool in helping students during an important time of change, but the effects last much longer than the weeks in between leaving one school and starting another. 1-9 copies $3.50 each.


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It's Your Move


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