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NUA Guide and USB

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The NUA Guide is a resource for facilitators. As you present the series to participants, use these step-by-step materials to inspire engagement along the way. We’ve designed the guide to give you as much support as possible. There are suggested questions, ideas for group activities, and even takeaways.

This guide is not meant to dictate the way you present NUA—we want you to make the experience your own. Take it, mold it, and make it work for your audience.

You’ll find that each session works in conjunction with the NUA journal, which gives participants space to complete activities and process their personal journey.

In addition to this printed guide, we’ve also provided NUA training videos, available on your NUA USB. These two-minute clips are great for refreshing your memory before presenting an episode, allowing you to mentally prepare for sessions in a short space of time.

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Format: Paperback | 56 pages
Dimensions: 188mm x 228mm
Language: English



Dimensions: 11mm x 22mm x 58mm
Weight: 10.92 grams


USB Presentation Tin

Dimensions: 21.5mm x 67.1mm x 100.1mm


In the package

1 Guide
1 USB (contained in a USB Presentation Tin)

NUA Guide and USB


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