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A film series about impact—immediate and personal, as well as the long-term, life-changing experience of working out your faith.

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NUA is all about exploration.

NUA is a film series that encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith. 




NUA equips you with the ability to intelligently explore and understand what you believe.

We give you tools to discuss your worldview with credibility and confidence, while encouraging you to wrestle with the things that just don’t seem to make sense. At the end of the day, this film series is about impact—immediate and personal, as well as the long-term, life-changing experience of working out your faith.




We’re taking an honest look at questions many of us have.

NUA / nu: ʌ / noo-ah / Language of origin: Irish Adjective, meaning “new”.

NUA looks at questions about Jesus, the Bible, and what it means to be a Christian. It’s a fresh perspective, a different conversation — created in Ireland, hosted by an Irishman.



NUA is for everyone.

NUA is a series of eight short films (approx 15mins each) intended to be watched over time. NUA is ideal in an educational setting, church/parish, youth group, university or with friends. These are films to engage with and pick apart. More than anything, NUA is a fresh learning experience.




Making NUA.

NUA has been put together by Scripture Union Ireland. NUA comes from many years spent with young people, listening to their questions. Doubt is the result of an active, engaged mind interested in seeking truth — something we love to see! So we set out to help young adults dig deeper as they explore faith and spirituality. 




Putting NUA together.

Three writers and more than 30 reviewers — including chaplains, teachers, young professionals, parents, clergy, and actual young people — worked together to craft each episode.




We hired the best team we could find.

To put this series together we hired a creative video agency based in Dublin called Tiny Ark, along with director, Greg Fromholz — to create an artistic expression of common doubts, questions, and truths. Everyone involved brought something different to the project — but we have one thing in common: passion. Each of us cares deeply about investing in young people and their journey of faith.




A journey of faith. 

Over the course of three years, the NUA team worked at funding, writing, planning, production, and editing. Today, we have a film series we can be proud of — one we hope will bring encouragement and spark discussion among young adults in Ireland and around the world.


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The NUA Package.

The product range of NUA consists of three products. The NUA USB stick is packed with high quality HD episodes, training videos and more. The NUA Guide is an invaluable resource for lesson plans, engagement activities and discussion topics. The NUA journal is a beautiful and helpful tool where viewers can freely process and record their thoughts and ideas along the journey.

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