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Anamata Training Youth Leaders into the Future.


Anamata, in te reo Māori this means a time to come, hereafter, the future.

At Scripture Union Youth, our job is to support the people who journey with rangatahi on their walk with Christ. These workshops are designed to equip and enable your youth ministry team to do their work more effectively.


How does it work?

Someone from our team will meet with you to learn about the needs of your youth team and consult with you about your theological framework. We make every effort to tailor each workshop to suit the needs of your context. Below you will find a list of workshops we already offer to youth leaders with an approximate running time indicated. However, this is not a final, unchanging list, if you have something on your heart which is currently not on this list, we are more than happy to create new workshops. If we feel we cannot offer the expertise required on a particular topic we will endeavor to point you in the direction of someone who can.



What does it cost?

In most cases there is no cost for the presentation of these workshops. However, financial help towards cost of transport, time and effort gone into creating and presenting the workshops is much appreciated.




Great, now how do I set one up?

Get in touch with your local Youth Consultant. We will meet to talk with you about your needs and plan dates, location etc. Contact Neville Bartley (National Youth Ministry Leader) on 0272493728 ,we would love to hear from you!



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